Morticia Addams

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This video was made in collaboration with Benicci Art to show off their cool Artist Paint Brush kit. I loved using them. The sponge was amazing! I knew I wanted to create a Morticia Addams makeup look and body paint but I couldn’t decide how to give it my own spin until I thought of roses!

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Sailor Moon


Fighting evil by moonlight! This was a fun little sailor moon video I did! It’s really simple and the makeup look could be used everyday with out the tiara (or with it too, who am I to judge?!).

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Holiday Glitter Cut Crease

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Check out my latest video for a quick tutorial on how to get this glitter cut crease that is perfect for the holidays!

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Easy, Breezy, Beautiful

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Full face of Cover Girl to celebrate them becoming cruelty free!

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Lisa Frank Cheeta

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I caught a reallly gnarly flu that lasted for a few weeks when editing this video. I had no desire to leave bed, let alone do makeup; so I just made this video a little longer than usual. I go into the history of ancient Egyptian makeup and mummies. It was a lot of fun to create!

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Infected Vampire

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Infected vampire tutorial for Halloween!

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GRWM Introduction


I uploaded my first video to YouTube! Come “Get Ready With Me” and subscribe!

Jessica Rabbit


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A fun Jessica Rabbit transformation to get hyped up for Halloween! Video was made for IGTV. Hope you enjoy it!


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Soft Smokey Eye Tutorial

Soft smokey eye tutorial as requested by my friends and family on Facebook! Watch the video below! Originally posted on IGTV.


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